About Us

Our commitment is to unlock innovation and investment in high growth entrepreneurship across Africa. We work to support and scale the work of Africa’s innovators, entrepreneurs, and disruptors who are building companies which are working to solve Africa’s most challenging problems. We provide investment facilitation, advisory, and digital media services to build the next generation of Pan African companies and businesses which will accelerate the transformation of the continent.

We build innovative local and global partnerships with investors, corporates, development organisations, social sector organisations to build and scale the continent’s most promising growth focused companies.

Our commitment of to build and scale innovative and pioneering companies which will tackle some of the continent’s most pressing issues and deliver innovation solutions which will make the lives of millions of people around the continent better. We work to amplify the work of some of the most ambitious African innovators from across the continent and around the world who are working on some of the most challenging problems facing the continent. Building competitive agricultural value chains, delivering food security, pioneering new healthcare delivery models, designing innovative supply chain systems, boosting value addition and food processing or deploying smart manufacturing solutions-these are just some of the problems around which the innovators we work with working to solve. We look for the continents most audacious and innovative solution builders and connect them to our network of advisors, technical assistance providers, investors or corporate partners. We thus see our platform which is working to deliver systemic change through the power of innovation, collaboration and enterprise.