We design and operate sector specific accelerator and growth labs which take an ecosystem approach to building the next generation of transformational African businesses. Our accelerator programs are focused on building and scaling companies through a deep sector, industry verticals, and high touch approach. Our programs help companies to launch and scale across Africa. Drive Africa is the developer of the following programs:

Driven Women Accelerator: a pan African growth, innovation, and investment platform focused on women led and/or owned growth oriented companies in Africa, The Driven Women Accelerator is an innovation and investing ecosystem which seeks to connect high potential, growth oriented, and innovative starts ups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) companies led and/or owned by women from across the African continent to investors and essential resources. The accelerator uses a partnership based, high touch, and scale focused approach designed to make companies finance ready, competitive, and positioned to scale into regional and Pan African companies.

Launch 54: is Drive Africa’s technology entrepreneurship and innovation platform. The program is an innovation and investment platform for technology based start-ups and SMEs in emerging sectors such as smart manufacturing, fintech, health tech, robotics, automation, big data and analytics, and other emerging disruptive. Launch 54 works to help accelerate technology entrepreneurship in Africa by helping start-ups and SMEs build, launch, and commercialise high potential technologies.

AgDrive: an innovation and investment platform focused on unlocking the potential of Africa’s agro-processing, agritech, and digital agriculture sectors through high growth entrepreneurship.  The program is focused on innovative start-ups and growth oriented small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the agro processing, agritech, and digital agriculture sectors. Agdrive works to make companies become investment ready and positioned to scale into regional and Pan African companies. AgDrive seeks to become Africa’s leading innovation and investment platform for promising and innovative agriculture companies.