Drive Africa works with corporates and industry partners by facilitating opportunities to explore new innovation and investment opportunities with innovative, growth oriented companies. Under our corporate partnerships program corporates can partner with start-ups and SMEs for innovation, strategic, or investment purposes. The corporate partnerships and services come under the following services groups.

Corporate Innovation Programs: The partnerships may involve co-creating a product or service, investment in a start-up, joint venturing, or strategic acquisition. The program provide start-ups with opportunities for industry validation and accelerated growth through access to corporate resources. Outcomes of the collaboration under the program include product co-development, joint ventures, commercial partnerships, licensing agreements, or new customer relationships and investments.

Supplier and Supply Chain Programs: Under this program, corporates partner with smaller companies by integrating them within their supply chains. Support services are provided to both the SMEs and the corporate as part of the program of operationalising the supply chain linkage.

Corporate Accelerators: Drive Africa can also partner with companies seeking to drive innovation via an accelerator model.

Sponsorships: Drive Africa platforms provide the opportunities for corporates to partner by way of corporate sponsorships. The sponsorship partnerships create opportunities for business development and brand building.