Our Mission

Our mission is to move African innovation and enterprenuership forward.

We seek to unlock innovation and high growth entrepreneurship to solve Africa’s most challenging problems. We are committed to inspiring and building the next generation of innovative African companies which will solve the continent’s toughest challenges and transform the lives of people on the continent.


The leading growth, innovation, and investment platform for Africa’s innovators

We seek to become the foremost platform accelerating innovation and investment in Africa’s innovators through innovative local, regional, and global partnerships.

Our Values


We believe in the power of partnerships to create innovations at scale. We thus seek to build innovative ecosystems and partnerships with investors, corporates, development and social sector organisations, and advisory institutions across Africa and around the world


We believe in the African promise. To realise its fullness will need bold approaches. We thus seek to work with innovators, entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders who have a bold agenda for the continent


We believe Africa’s transformation will come through innovation. Constantly challenging the status quo will get the continent to solve its toughest challenges

Our Method

We utilize a four part methodology to unlock innovation and impact through entrepreneurship across the continent. In building Africa’s innovators we use the following approach:

Ecosystems: we build ecosystems of innovation through innovative partnerships with likeminded regional and global partners who are committed to unlocking Africa’s potential. We leverage our ecosystems to crowd-in capital, advisory services, research and development (R&D) and technical assistance resources to address the bottlenecks which constrain the growth of Africa’s most promising enterprises.

A High Touch Approach: we take a hands on approach to supporting innovators through our intensive and immersive programs which are designed to transform the capabilities of companies and to position them to achieve growth milestones.

Scale: we believe in delivering impact at scale. We thus have a focus on helping companies’ to develop a clear path to scale. We work with companies to define milestones and support them in developing a path to achieve the milestones.

Innovative Finance: we work with partners to mobilise innovative financing strategies and instruments designed to provide risk and growth capital to help build Africa’s companies.