Driven Women Partnerships

The accelerator is a unique program which provides partners across the continent and around the world with opportunities to bring innovation and investments which will unlock high growth African women entrepreneurship. The program will offer partners the opportunity to promote economic prosperity across Africa by supporting women entrepreneurs and innovators.

Local & Global Partnerships: the accelerator has a pan African and global outlook. It therefore works with local, regional, and global partnerships to meet the twin objectives of rooting support and ownership within local African contexts, while leveraging regional and global best practices.

Program Partnerships: The accelerator works with private sector, non-profit, Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs), and development organizations to advance women entrepreneurship in Africa.

Knowledge Partnerships: We work with leading knowledge and consulting brands across Africa and around the world to equip African women companies to build best practice knowledge tools needed to build competitive companies.

Technical Assistance Partnerships: The accelerator works to crowd in essential technical assistance support for program participants in the program.