Launch 54 Plus

The Launch 54 Plus program is a 6 month initiative which provides advisory support services to Launch 54 partners and companies. The program is designed to provide an ecosystem of services under the following streams.

1) Advisory services

2) R&D support and commercialization

3) Investment Facilitation,

4) The Lab to Market services and

5) Contract Manufacturing. The objective of the immersion program will be to test, pilot and launch new products, services or companies which deploy emerging technologies.

The program will also seek to build a cohort of African companies which will leverage emerging technologies to drive local manufacturing using locally available raw materials. The Launch 54 program will then connect companies to contract manufacturers who will take their products to full scale production. The various components of the Launch 54 Plus program are shown below:

Launch 54 Advisory is an advisory platform designed to provide business and strategy focused advisory supper to technology oriented companies in the program.

Investment Support a support program designed to provide investment and transaction support services to Launch 54 companies as they proceed through the program and acheive their project development milestones.

Studio to Market Lab the lab works with companies to develop and implement a go to market strategy for companies in the lab and their products.

Contract Manufacturing a program designed to connect Lauch 54 companies seeking to be connected to contract manufacturers to bring their products to full scale production and distribution.