Drivern Women Investors

The accelerator has developed an innovative model for crowding in capital and financing to unlock women entrepreneurship across Africa. At the heart of the strategy is a commitment to bring innovative financing instruments rather than a one size fits all approach to financing women companies. The strategy also seeks to build partnerships to help de-risk investments in order to provide incentives for investors.

Investor Programs

The accelerator will provide the following investor programs.

The She Catalyst Program:The She Catalyst Program is a membership based Driven Women Accelerator angel investor program designed to facilitate direct investments by high net worth women investors-also referred to as She Catalysts-in Driven Women Accelerator companies. The She Catalysts are a network of high net worth women from around the continent and the world with an interest in backing promising and innovative African women led companies in the Driven Women Accelerator program. The She Catalysts back companies with early stage, risk, and growth capital needs of less than 100,000 USD in debt and equity instruments. The She Catalysts are high net worth individuals with considerable business experience as successful entrepreneurs, business executives, and other investors interested in building a portfolio of high growth African women led companies. The She Catalyst Program will seek to provide Driven Women Accelerator companies with the following value added:

  • Fill important financing gaps which cannot be filled in by banks, venture capital and private equity firms which are typically seeking higher investment tickets.

  • Provide business knowledge, networks and mentorship.

  • Provide opportunities for follow on investments.


The She Catalysts program will provide members with the following investment opportunities:

  • Potential access to a vetted pool of 15-20 innovative women led companies per year.

  • A pre-negotiated percentage return on equity per deals.

  • Opportunities for follow on investment in later investment cycles of companies.

  • Opportunities to co-invest in companies and thereby reduce investment risks.

  • Opportunities to take board seats in the companies.

  • The flexibility to make individual investment decisions.

Anchor Investor Partner Program: is an investor program for investor partners interested in making predetermined capital commitments for Driven Women Accelerator companies. The anchor investors receive preferential investment privileges and support services from The Driven Women Accelerator and partner across the investment lifecycle to provide bespoke services to the Investors and as well companies.

Select Investor Partner Program: is an investor program for investors willing to back Driven Women Accelerator companies but without prior capital commitments and with less investment privileges. The select investor program partners also receive investor support programs from the accelerator.

Catalysts can also make investments above 100,000 USD depending on the deal.