Lauch 54 Entreprenuers

  • Accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship in manufacturing by building the manufacturing innovation capabilities of African manufacturing SMEs and startups.

  • Bridging the gap between applied research and product development.

  • Bringing together corporates, universities, research institutes, and investors to co-invest in African technology startups and SMEs deploying emerging technologies.

  • Providing small African manufacturing and technology companies manufacturers, access to cutting-edge capabilities to design, test, pilot and launch new products.

  • Supporting companies in building disruptive and customer-centric business models which offer personalized products and enhanced services.

  • Supporting companies with automation of manufacturing processes and process re-engineering to drive improvements in cost efficiency, accuracy, improving companies’ participation in local and international supply chains.

  • Provide African technology startups and SMEs with the opportunity to leap frog in the adoption and deployment of digital technologies and emerging technologies such as block chain, virtual reality, and AI.