Driven Women Entrepreneurs

The Driven Women Entrepreneurs is a pioneering platform is focused on women led companies in Africa which have the potential for scale. The accelerator will provide women entrepreneurs and business leaders with exposure to active investors, financial services providers, advisors, and technical assistance. The accelerator will provide a deal making platform for women innovators seeking to scale their businesses. The Accelerator will provide a range of support services which include:

  • Support women led companies in building their capabilities for innovation, growth, and investment readiness.

  • Develop the operational, finance, strategic, governance, and marketing capabilities of companies.

  • Connecting companies to innovative risk and growth capital providers

  • Providing a platform for women led companies to access new markets, supply chain partnerships, and export market opportunities.

  • Supporting women led companies in acquiring the technical skills required to develop and deploy new technologies and process improvements in their businesses.

  • Mobilize technical assistance for high potential technologies and their adoption in women led companies.


Applications for the program will open August 2021.