Driven Women Corporates

The Driven Women Accelerator program provides corporates with unique opportunities to partner with women led companies in Africa. Companies in the program will have opportunities to create partnership with women businesses as part of their growth, supply chain, or investment plans. Corporates will have opportunities to work with women led companies on variety of projects such as joint venturing, investing in women companies, co-developing products, licensing and franchising or supplier development programs. A variety of program opportunities for corporates exist under the Driven Women Accelerator including:

Supplier Development Programs: designed to support women companies to build capabilities to meet the supply chain requirements of large companies. The program will seek to integrate women led companies in corporate supply chains.

Market Linkages: The Accelerator program also provides supports to corporates and women companies in priority value chains such as agriculture and agribusiness in creating market linkages for backwards and forward integration in value chains. The program supports the creation of partnerships between women companies and potential buyers such as retailers and distributors.

Corporate Innovation Program: the program is designed to provide advisory services to corporates seeking to co-create innovative products, projects, and ventures with Driven Women Accelerator Companies. Under this program corporates will have the opportunities to partner with women companies in to pilot and scale commercially viable and innovative products and projects.

Driven Women Bank Program: is a program designed to introduce accelerator companies to financial products and sources of capital available from banks and financial institutions catering to women businesses. The program is also designed to expose financial intermediaries to opportunities for investing in women led companies.

Value Chain Finance Program: Works with financial institutions, agribusiness companies, and investors to develop, finance, and scale innovative value chain partnerships incorporating women companies in agriculture and smallholder farmer groups involving women.