Drive Interactive

Drive Interactive brings together the Drive Africa community of innovators and change makers through events and interactive platforms in cities in Africa and around the world. Join us for a summit, master class, accelerator, workshop or conference in a city near you.

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Drive X : Coming Soon

Drive X is a Drive Africa event platform designed to bring together innovators and change makers who are making a difference on the African continent. Drive X will convene innovators and thought leaders from around Africa and the world. The event will will bring together leading CEOs, entrepreneurs, public sector leaders, women leaders, tech innovators,…

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Introducing Launch 54

The Launch 54 Growth Lab is a leadership Development and Company Transformation Program tailored to the growth and development needs of African companies which have growth beyond the early stage. Check our website for the updates and details on the program

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Introducing the Driven Women Accelerator

The Driven Women Accelerator is a platform dedicated to accelerate the growth of high potential women led and owned startups and companies across Africa. Over the next decade the accelerator will work to build and scale 1000 innovative and fast growing women owned and led businesses across Africa. Check our website for details and updates

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Coming Soon

Launch 54: A Drive Africa Growth Lab for Fast Growing African Companies

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